Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

The result was everything we hoped it would be

We illuminated several mature trees for our son’s wedding. Our guests were awed by the effect. The company was very professional and we would recommend them highly.
Julius Narancsik on Jul 04, 2014

Enjoyed the Christmas lights very much. Made me smile every time I looked at them.

I received many compliments on the Christmas lights. Loved that. I would like to do additional lighting on trees and shrubs out front if possible for Christmas 2014.
Patty Wettlaufer on Jan 09, 2014

Great product, great installation, and I am quite satisfied.

Moon Glow installed my landscape lighting. The job was well done and I am quite happy with it.
Brad Britton on May 13, 2013

Stunning, memorable, and unique.

I moved from Toronto to a country property and had no idea how to deal with the amount of gardening and landscaping. Moon Glow was terrfic about providing suggestions and coming up with creative ideas. They were wonderful with showing me examples of their work in the area. They were prompt. They did everything they said they would when they said they would. They even brought in a person from the company that provided the lights to make sure the lights would do what we needed them to. I was really impressed with that. The result is magnificent. It was overall fantastic.
Angela Minaker on May 08, 2013

Finished product was well worth the money.

Moon Glow has been doing our landscaping, in stages, for about 5 or 6 years now. They’ve been great. They come back when we want things tweaked a bit. We once had a defective light and they back right away to fix it, no questions asked. They are very responsive. The quality of their products is very good. We have had no problems. They are a really good company. It’s a great value for the investment.
Beryl Collingwood on Mar 18, 2013

All excellent, I highly recommend them!

I really appreciated that Moon Glow responded quickly when I contacted them. They are quick, efficient, and friendly. I really liked that within a short period I had my service right away. The prices were what they had said in the quotes and they came when they said they would. This is my third season using Moon Glow. I have an enormous pine tree in front of my house that is now all done up in lights. My neighbors comment that they enjoy having it on the street. Moon Glow contacts me every season. As the tree grows each year they come back, touch it up, and add more lights. Working with them was a positive experience!
Bev Brooker on Mar 08, 2013

It’s a magical experience.

I’ve been in this house for 8 years and I’ve never had a problem with our lighting system. There was a problem right when we first got them and Moon Glow were there right away. John and the lighting guy are two of the most professional young people I’ve ever met. They really care about their customers. Right from the first visit, they helped us out. Their true professionalism came out when they were helping us design what we wanted. I’ve won awards for the landscaping they’ve done. I have them back every year in April, and I just tell them to perform their magic in my front yard. It always looks better than everyone else’s.
Linda Yates on Mar 08, 2013

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